Meet The Barbers

Daryl Reis

I'm a Master Barber and owner of Wicked Good Barbershop with over 12 years of experience. My haircut and styling work has been highlighted in publications such as MAN Magazine. You might see me on stage at a hair show around the US educating other barbers and stylists on the latest trends as I'm also a platform artist for JOHNNY B. MENS HAIRCARE. I enjoy working with overgrown hair to create styles that turn heads, in and out of the office. When I'm out of the barbershop, you can find me enjoy time with my fiancé and son and also diving into some tacos on Tuesdays.


Jae is a passionate barber her at Wicked Good Barbershop. Her unique approach to achieving the best results for her clients earned her over 150 5star ratings on your Booksy app. When Jae isn't working her magic in the shop, she's practicing to be better in her craft and dreams about one day owning a string of barber